Gold for Irish Bartender in China

The Bartenders Association of Ireland (BAI) returned from the World Cocktail Championship in China with two awards – a Gold Medal for the Best After Dinner Cocktail and the Young Bartender of the Year award. The Irish delegation was lead by Declan Byrne, President, Bartenders Association of Ireland with Andrew O’Gorman, Treasurer, Bartenders Association of Ireland.

This year the World Cocktail Championship was held 4th-8th November in the Inter-Continental Hotel, Chengdu, China.

The competitor representing Ireland was Mr. Oisin Kelly, a 24 year-old bartender from the Sidecar bar, Westbury Hotel, Dublin. Oisin is no stranger to cocktail competitions in Ireland. He has won several and qualified to represent Ireland, in China, when he won the National Cocktail Championship last February at CATEX, a trade show for the hospitality industry, which took place in the RDS, Simmonscourt, Dublin 4. The National Cocktail Championship was sponsored by Edward Dillon & Co. Ltd., distributor in Ireland for top brands such as Bacardi, Bombay Sapphire and Hennessy, to name but a few.

In Chengdu, China, more than sixty countries took part in the World Cocktail Championship. It comprised of six competitions, Before Dinner Cocktail competition; Long Drink competition; Sparkling Cocktail competition; After Dinner Cocktail competition; Bartenders Choice Competition and Flair Style Cocktail competition.

Ireland competed in the After Dinner Cocktail Competition.

Ireland’s Winning Cocktail
Oisin’s cocktail was called ‘Indulgence’ and consisted of 40ml Finlandia Vodka, 15ml Giffard Wild Elderflower Premium Liqueur, 15ml Coco Re’al Puree, 10ml Raspberry Re’al Puree and 15ml Fresh Lemon Juice. All ingredients were shaken with ice and strained into a champagne coupe styled glass. Garnished with an orange zest and decoratively cut lemon & orange peel, red apple fan and pineapple leaf.

Oisin becomes the first ever Gold Medal winner born and bred in Dublin since the foundation of the Bartenders Association of Ireland in 1972.

Previous medal winners were:

  • Con McCullagh (Dublin) 1973 – Bronze Medal
  • Brian O’Mara (Dublin) 1979 – Bronze Medal
  • Johnny Johnson (Belfast) 1982 - Gold Medal
  • Brian Jones (Cork) 2001 – Silver Medal
  • Deirdre Byrne, Westin Hotel (From Donegal, working in Dublin. The first women to represent Ireland at the WCC) 2013 – Gold Medal
  • Eddie Rudzinskas, Four Seasons Hotel (Monaghan, originally from Lithuania) 2014 – Silver Medal
  • Ariel Sanecki, Cliff House Hotel (Waterford, originally from Poland) 2016 – Silver Medal
  • Ariel Sanecki, Adare Manor (Limerick) 2018 – Gold Medal & finish 2nd in the world Super Final.
  • Oisin Kelly, Westbury Hotel (Dublin) 2019 – Gold Medal, Young Bartender of the Year and finished 2nd in the world Super Final.

The gold medal winners from each competition compete in the World Super Final. For the second year in succession, Ireland finished in 2nd place in the World Super Final. In 2018 we were beaten by Estonia and this year we were beaten by Latvia.

The International Bartenders Association membership is made up of national bartender associations from around the world. Like many associations, the vast majority of these associations succeed because of the voluntary efforts of their members.

All the cocktail recipes of the Gold Medal winners 2019 are listed below for you to make at home or in your bar.

by Oisin Kelly - IRELAND

40ml   Finlandia Vodka
15ml   GIFFARD - Wild Elderflower Premium Liqueur
15ml   Coco Re’al
10ml   Raspberry Re’al
15ml   Fresh Lemon Juice
Mixing Technique: Shaker & Double Strain

By Andris Reizenbergs - LATVIA

30ml   Arctic Blue Gin 46.2% (50cl)
5ml     Baijiu J JIANG XIAO BAI (Hand-craft Black Label Graffiti Edition)
10ml   De Kuyper Sour Rhubarb (Sours)
10ml   Barspoon Fabbri Specials - Marendry bitter
20ml   Dashes De Kuyper Cocoa Bitters (Elixirs)
10ml   Piece grapefruit peel (extract)
Mixing Technique: Mixing Glass

By Miika Mehtiö - FINLAND

30ml   Arctic Blue Gin 46.2% (50cl)
10ml   Baijiu D RED STAR ER GUO TOU (NU WA)
15ml   Monin Fruit Purees/Fruit Mix - Blueberry
15ml   Monin Premium Syrup - Blackcurrant
20ml   Lemon Juice (fresh)
10ml   Chickpea juice
Mixing Technique: Shaker & Double Strain

By Alex Sánchez - ECUADOR

15ml   Calvados
25ml   De Kuyper Mango (Variations)
20ml   De Kuyper Coconut (Variations)
15ml   Monin Premium Syrup - Violet
5ml     Fresh Lemon Juice
80ml   Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Infusion
Mixing Technique: Shaker

By Ji Young Lee – SOUTH KOREA

30ml   Baijiu I YANG HE (SKY BLUE)
10ml   Fabbri Syrup - Banana
10ml   Monin Premium Syrup - Green Mint
10ml   Pineapple juice
5ml     Fresh Lemon Juice
90ml   Sparkling Wine
Mixing Technique: Shaker

By Alina Laaksonen - FINLAND

40ml   Flor de Caña 12 años
20ml   De Kuyper Grapefruit (Variations)
20ml   Monin Premium Syrup - Pink Grapefruit
10ml   De Kuyper Orange Bitters (Elixirs)
Mixing Technique: Mixing Glass