1st Annual De Kuyper Cup Ireland

Tuesday 22 May, 3pm-5pm @ The Exchequer, Dublin

Win a trip to De Kuyper Royal Distilleries, Netherlands
A replica of the Ardagh Chalice

Entry Details

  1. This 1st annual De Kuyper Cup Ireland competition is organised by the Bartenders Association of Ireland and Richmond Marketing, De Kuyper Agents in Ireland.
  2. Competition is open to all bartenders working in the Republic of Ireland.
  3. To enter:
    • Competitors must submit their recipe on the form below. Entry open 2nd week of May.
    • Competitors that post their cocktail recipe & photo on social media will be awarded bonus points. Please tag Bartenders Association of Ireland (BAI) facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/bartender.ie/), #dekuypercupIRL, so we don't miss it.
    • Only the best 10 entries will be called to compete/perform in front of a live audience.
  4. Entries close at 2pm on Wed 16th May 2018. Finalist will be announced later the same day.
  5. The aim of the competition is to showcase the De Kuyper Liqueurs and their three premium products Mandarine Napolean, Peach Tree and Kwai Feh.
  6. All recipes must contain a minimum of 1.5cl of the sponsors products.
  7. A maximum of 7cl's of alcohol products is permitted in any one serving.
  8. A minimum of two alcohol ingredients is required.
  9. Richmond Marketing products available for your use can be found here.
  10. Each competitor should prepare four (4) portions of their cocktail for judging.
  11. There is no maximum number of ingredients but competitors should be remember that other bartenders may like to replicate the winning drink.
  12. Homemade ingredients are NOT permitted. All ingredients must be available to purchase in Ireland.
  13. Competitors are free to use any glassware or drinking vessel and must bring these to the competition.
  14. The use of side plates, trays or pedestals are permitted.
  15. All recipes become the property of BAI and De Kuyper Royal Distilleries and the winning bartender will be credited, if published.

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Tip - List ingredients in the following order: Spirits, Liqueurs, Syrups, Juices and finally ingredients with Dashes & Drops.

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Decoration (A cocktail decoration is an edible food product (fruit peel, fruit, vegetable, root, herb) used to complement and enhance the visual presentation of the drink, and not to alter the flavour):