1st Prize = $10,000
2nd Prize = $3,000
3rd Prize = $2,000

8th World Championship in Mixing Non-Alcoholic Cocktails
(Organised under the auspices of IBA)

Irish Qualification - Sunday 8th April, 3pm - 6pm
The Underground @ Peadar Kearney's, 64 Dame St., Dublin 2.

Bartenders are invited to submit entries for the Irish qualification round for the 21st Mattoni Grand Drink 2018 (MGD 2018) and 8th World Championship in Mixing Non-Alcoholic Cocktails organised under the auspices of International Bartenders Association (IBA). The International final will be held in Prague, Czech Republic, 15-17 June, 2018. This competition is also part of the celebration of the 'World Day of Non-alcoholic Cocktails'.

Create a new non-alcoholic cocktail that respects the following requirements:

  1. The cocktail should be innovative
  2. It should be easy to prepare
  3. The cocktail has to be created with a limited amount of calories - below 65kcal per 100ml

These key requirements are in line with the new and modern lifestyle and follow current perspective on healthy nutrition by using low-calorie ingredients. The aim of the competition is to find NEW non-traditional cocktails that will be prepared in a new and innovative style and also easy to produce and to prepare in any part of the world. The creativity and innovation, but also easy preparation will be a key part of evaluation.

The preparation of the cocktail should be described in an easy way, also specifying what the innovative part of the particular cocktail is. We expect a description in a few sentences (min 15 words annotation).

COMPETITION RULES will respect the IBA WCC rules 2018 with these exceptions:

  1. Contestant must use at least 10cl of the original Grand Mattoni Mineral Water sparkling. The use of any other water or any liquid containing CO2 is not allowed. Mattoni water will be provided at the competition.
  2. The volume of the drink without ice addition must not exceed 25cl of liquid immediately after beverage preparation. The volume of melted ice or the ice itself will not be considered in the volume of the drink.
  3. Caloric value of the final cocktail shall not exceed the limit of 65 kcal/100 ml. The competitor is required to show/demonstrate the calculation of caloric values with indications of the source.
  4. It is allowed to use a maximum of 2cl of any syrup in one cocktail.
  5. It is allowed to use maximum 0.5cl of ingredients that use alcohol as stabilizer (e.g. bitters or special herb mixtures).
  6. All of the ingredients or products used in the preparation of the drink must be readily available in the shops of the EU.
  7. The cocktail will be prepared in 5 portions.
  8. The competitor supplies the glasses for all 5 portions
  9. The competitor will have 8 minutes to mix their cocktail. When exceeding the limit, competitor will be penalized by 5 points per judge.
  10. Recipes entered into the contest must be original, must not have been published either in print or online and must comply with the character of a non-alcoholic drink.
  11. The highest number of total points from the evaluation of all four judges will make up the placement. In case of a tie, the highest number of innovation points decides the winner. If this still does not determine the winner, then the next criterion would be the points for the best taste, design, then best technical work.
  12. Due to time constraints the competition is limited to 8-10 competitors so submit your entry as soon as possible but not later than Thursday 5th April at 3pm.

The winner of the Irish qualification round will represent the Bartenders Association of Ireland at the International MGD final in Prague, Czech Republic, 15-17 June 2018.
Any question to the rules or other question related to the competition will be answered and clarified by Declan Byrne, BAI President.


Quantity (cl) Recipe Ingredients (Product) Kcal per 100ml

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Method of Preparation (required)

Innovation - Please describe your drinks innovation in a few sentences

Kcal Count - Please state the source of the kcal count for each of your ingredients