Tia Maria Coffee Revolution


-Tia Maria launches coffee training programme ‘The Academy’ -

Friday 20th June, 2017: Coffee lovers around the world are now enjoying their favourite drink from morning cup through to evening cocktail, as the global love for coffee booms.

Tia Maria is leading this trend with the launch of the Tia Maria + Coffee Project and a selection of new serves that unite coffee culture and cocktail hour. Coffee connoisseurs can now sip on cocktails unlike anything they’ve ever tasted before, thanks to new recipes crafted by renowned mixologists and expert baristas.

No other liqueur can make a coffee cocktail quite like Tia Maria, an exotic infusion of natural vanilla and the finest fresh Arabica coffee beans roasted to perfection, complemented with a touch of Jamaican rum. Tia Maria is made using a blend of 100% Arabica coffee, among the best in the world, providing strong character, a full-bodied taste, and a sweet tendency. The beans are expertly roasted, ground and left to macerate to produce this exceptional coffee liqueur.

As part of this Tia Maria + Coffee Project, Tia Maria is launching a new on-trade initiative, The Academy. As a coffee training and education programme, The Academy is designed to help managed outlets, independent bars, and coffee shops perfect their coffee cocktail serves.

The Irish Tia Maria Academy will kick off next Tuesday 20th June with a coffee cocktail immersion and masterclasses taking place in the cool and funky Two Fifty Square roastery and coffee bar in Dublin. Bartenders, baristas, bloggers and media in attendance will be treated to a sumptuous tapas lunch while sipping on tasty Tia Maria cocktails. Tia Maria brand ambassador, fashion and lifestyle blogger, Love Lauren, along with top mixologists and baristas, will then open up the world of coffee cocktails. There will be some hot topics up for discussion such as the growth of the speciality coffee business and people’s changing attitude towards good quality and craft coffee and coffee cocktails, and how the role of a barista and bartender has evolved. Guests will also get creative as they work with the mixologists in attendance to create new and interesting Tia Maria coffee cocktails.

Kate Barry, Tia Maria Ireland Brand Manager, commented “With the taste for coffee at an all-time high, coffee cocktails have never been more popular and Tia Maria is certainly happy to be leading the charge. We are excited to launch The Academy next Tuesday in Dublin and encourage all bartenders in the area to join us in this day of celebration and learning with us. We may even put their expert cocktail skills to the test and see what new Tia Maria coffee cocktail creation they can dream up of.”

For more information on the Tia Maria + Coffee Project and mouth-watering Tia Maria coffee cocktail recipes visit www.tiamaria.com or keep up to date on social media channels Instagram and Facebook\tiamariadrink