James Langan of Peadar Kearney's, Dublin won the Irish heat of the MATTONI GRAND DRINK on Sunday 3rd April 2016 with a non-alcoholic cocktail called 'LET'S DANCE'

James will now represent Ireland in Prague this June at the 19th MATTONI GRAND DRINK & 6th World Final in Mixing Non-Alcoholic Cocktails.

12cl Grand Mattoni Mineral Water Sparkling/  0 kcal
3 fresh strawberries/ 9 kcal
1cl Balsamic Vinegar 30yr/ 9 kcal
1.5cl Agave Nectar/ Nua Naturals/ 44 kcal
3 Fresh Basil Leaves/ 1 Kcal

James who is no stranger to cocktail competitions, having represented Ireland in Japan 2001, Puerto Rico 2008 and previously at the MATTONI GRAND DRINK competition said, "this competition presents a big challenge for bartenders as it's a non-alcoholic cocktail that has a limit on the amount of calories allowed. A lot of bartenders usually start creating a cocktail by having a base alcohol in mind but for this competition you start by using Mattoni sparkling water."

MATTONI is a well known mineral water from Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) in Czech Republic. It is a spa town in the west Bohemia region of the country. Its numerous thermal springs have made it a popular resort since the 19th century.

Peadar Kearney's Pub is named after the author of Ireland's national anthem called Amhrán na bhFiann (The Soldier's Song). Given the recent 100 year anniversary of Ireland's Easter Rising, James proved to be a popular winner with his fellow competitors.

The competition was organised by the Bartenders Association of Ireland.